1. Introduction

Department of Plant Physiology is formed since 1956 and named as Department of Plant Biochemistry and  Physiology. Since 1991, the official name of Department of Plant Physiology is maintaining until present.

2. Staffs

7 lecturers: NGUYEN Van Phu (PhD), TRAN Anh Tuan (PhD), PHAM Tuan Anh (PhD), DUONG Huyen Trang (PhD), NGUYEN Thi Phuong Dung (Msc), VU Tien Binh (Msc), VU Ngoc Lan (PhD)

1 engineer: NGUYEN Thi Hai Ha

3. Facilities

Laboratories: 01 Lab for researching of Plant Stress and Plant tissue culture, 02 Labs for student practice.
Equipment: Biosafety cabinet: 02; laboratory centrifuge: 01; Laboratory water bath: 01; Laboratory Drying Oven: 01; autoclave: 02; Microscope with camera: 01, Optical Microscope: 24, Stereo Microscope: 01

4. Achievements

Leader of Accomplished projects: 3 government-sponsored projects; 2 International-cooperation Projects; 6 MOET-sponsored projects

Patents: Process of virus-free potato seed-production (Government issued); Process of dormancy-breaking in potato seed; Process of Vernalization treatment in onion, garlic, Lilium candidum; Process of micro-propagation of banana, pineapple, orchid, strawberries, papaya and some fruit trees; soilless-cultural technique; foliar fertilizers; bio-control agents
Publications: on international journals (ISI): 15 and on others: 50
5. Directions of research until 2021
Plant tolerance in salinity, drought, cold and ultraviolet radiation stresses
Application of mycorrhiza, rhizobium and other EM in sustainable agriculture
Application of Plant tissue culture in crop-propagation and Plant conservation






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