About Us

            The Department of Industrial and Medicinal Plants was formerly a specialized group in the Department of Agricultural Cultivation, established in 1956. Over 60 years of its growth and development, our department has been known with several names:



Name of Department and managing Faculty

Head of Department



Department of advanced cultivation

Faculty of Agronomy, 56-59;

Faculty of Cultivation, 59-64)

Đinh Văn Hớn (56-59)

Lê Duy Thước (59-60)

Vũ Công Hậu (60-64)


Deparment of Industrial and Medicinal Plants

(Faculty of Cultivation, 64-65;

Faculty of Industrial crops, 65-70;

Faculty of Cultivation, 70-78;

Faculty of Plant science, 78-83)

Hoàng Đức Phương (64-67)

Lê Song Dự (67-68)

Thái Nghĩa (68-75)

Lê Song Dự (75-83)


Department of Plant Science

(Faculty of Plant Science, 83-84;

Faculty of Cultivation, 84-88)

Lê Song Dự (83-86)

Tạ Thu Cúc (86-88)


Department of Industrial Crops

(Faculty of Cultivation, 88-97)

Lê Song Dự (88-92)

Đoàn Thị Thanh Nhàn (92-97)


Department of Industrial and Medicinal Crops

(Faculty of Agronomy)

Đoàn Thị Thanh Nhàn (97-01)

Vũ Đình Chính (01-12)

Ninh Thị Phíp (12-present)

Equipment and facilities

            Department of Industrial and Medicinal Plants has been equipped with training and research facilities to better meet the needs of teaching and scientific research.

            - Office: Office rooms are at room A301 and A302; used for workplace of department members and meetings with undergraduate students, graduate students (Msc and PhD students)

            - Laboratory: 02 labs for department members; undergraduate and graduate students carrying research project and graduation thesis.

            - Practice room: 1 practice room for undergraduate training; used for specialized courses of Industrial and Medicinal Crops.


Undergraduate courses:

-          General cultivation of Industrial Crops

-          Advanced Cultivation of Industrial Crops;

-          General Cultivation of medicinal plants

-          Cultivation of annual medicinal plants

-          Cultivation of perennial medicinal plants

-          Conservation of medicinal plants

-          Post-harvest and pre-processing of industrial plants


Graduate courses:

-          Production of perennial industrial crops

-          Production of high-quality medicinal plants

-          Annual industrial crops production




                - Breeding of some major industrial plants (peanut, soybean, green bean, sugarcane) and medicinal plants with high yield, high quality and good resistance.

            - Research on physiological improvement, intensive nutritional and farming techniques to increase yield, quality and resistance to adverse conditions (drought, salinity, toxins ...) of annual industrial crops (peanut, soybean, sugarcane, tobacco, cotton, ...); perennial industrial crops (tea, coffee, rubber, ...) and medicinal plants.  

Awards and Achievements:

            In the 60 years of growth and development, Department of Industrial and Medicinal Plants has been recognized with great contribution and achievements:

-          9 new plant varieties have been selected such as: B5000 (groundnut); 75/23 (groundnut). V79 (groundnut), ĐT93 (soybean), D912 (soybean), D140 (soybean), 044 (mugnbean), QDD15 (sugar cane).

-          Successful launch and completion of research projects funded by ministry of Science and Technology; Education and Training; Agriculture and Rural developments.

-          With achievements in teaching and scientific research, the department and its members have been granted  with prestigious merits and awards:

            06 Resistance medal, issued by President, The Social Republic of Vietnam;

            01 third grade Labor Medal, issued by President, The Social Republic of Vietnam;            09 merits for contribution in education and training, issued Ministry of Education and Training;

            10 merits for contribution in agriculture and rural development, issued by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development….




Address: Trauquy - Gialam - Hanoi
Tel/Fax: 84.24.38276473  
E-mail: agronomy@vnua.edu.vn