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Office of Agronomy Department



GENERAL INTRODUCTION (Faculty of Agronomy)

 * / Functions of the department


Training of agricultural engineers with 6 specializations: (1) Crop Science, (2) Plant Protection, (3) Plant Variety Selection, (4) Science of Medicinal plants, (5) Bachelor of Agronomy, (6) Vegetables, fruits and landscape. From the period 2006 – 2007 until now, the faculty was assigned to implement the Advanced Program of Crop Science in cooperation with UC-DAVIS University (UCD) - California (USA).

Training Master and Doctor in 3 specialized major: (1) Crop Science, (2) Plant Protection, (3) Plant Genetics and Plant variety selection.

To do basic research and applied research on plants, plant variety selection and plant protection for agricultural production in the country.

To transfer scientific and technological advances into production and social services.

* / History of development

* / Human Resources

* / Facilities of the Faculty including

In the process of building and development, Faculty has built facilities to meet the requirements of teaching and research quality. At present, Department has 40 rooms, 14 laboratories (02 plant science labs, 01 laboratory specialized in seeds, 01 plant physiology laboratory and 10 laboratories under the departments); 3 hectare of botanical garden, a 1.1 hectare of garden, a 4.3 hectare of field experiment, 11 net houses with an area of ​​2000m2, a library room, a computer room with high-speed internet access.

* / Specialized training

- Undergraduate:

1. Crop science

2. Advanced Program in Crop Science (in collaboration with UC Davis University)

3. Genetics and selection of plant varieties

4. Plant protection

5. Vegetables, fruits and landscape design

6. Agriculture

7. Agriculture (Career oriented POHE)

8. Medicinal plants science

- College

Major in crop science

- Transition from college to university

1. Plant protection

2. Crop Science

- Postgraduate (Master, PhD):

1. Crop science

2. Genetics and selection of plant varieties

3. Plant protection

Organizational structure

The FoA is organized into 10 departments, 2 research laboratories and 10 teaching laboratories, 5 research centers, and a faculty office.


Educational Programs

Undergraduate programs (4.0-4.5 years): Crop Science; Crop Science (Advanced Education Program, taught in English) (CS-AEP); Plant Genetics and Breeding; Medicinal Plant Science; Plant Protection;  Horticulture (Greenhouse Crop Production and Management; Landscape Design and Construction; Marketing and Commerce in Horticulture; Urban Horticulture); Agricultural Science (Agronomy; Agricultural Extension; High-tech Agriculture).

Master programs (1.5-2.0 years): Crop Science; Plant Genetics and Breeding; Plant Protection.

Doctoral programs (3.0 years): Crop Science; Plant Genetics and Breeding; Plant Protection.

Research and development focus

· Genetic analyses and breeding of new crop varieties;

· Development of technical packages for intensive crop cultivation; 

· Pest and disease management, crop management;

· Plant germplasm conservation;

· Organic agriculture;

· Sericulture and beekeeping.



Address: Trauquy - Gialam - Hanoi
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