LE MINH PHUONG, class of 2011

(phD and postdoc-researcher, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS)


Dr. Phuong(left) participated in a cultural event held by  Vietnamese Student Association in Czech

After graduation, with academic and research excellences, Phuong was granted a scholarship from Czech Republic to continue her higher study at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS). In 2017, Phuong was the first alumnus of Advanced Education Program in Crop Science  (AEPCS) to receive a doctoral degree. Phuong is now working as a postdoctoral researcher at CULS. Besides, Phuong has been always an active member of Vietnamese Student Association in Czech Republic. As a vice president of the association, Phuong is in charge of organizing cultural and research activities for Vietnamese students in Czech.

  Message to future students: “I feel very fortunate to have the opportunities at Advanced Education Program in Crop Science. As a student of AEPCS, I have had experienced an international learning environment which allowed students to actively participate in concept and practice-based learning activities. Besides, since all the lectures were delivered in English, I have had improved my English, my communication skill and especially enhanced my critical thinking. These allowed me to confidently participate in many learning and research activities at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.”


LUONG NHU THANH, class of 2012

Director,  SONG THAN joint-stock company (fertilizer supply and agriculture consultation)


Back to the time Thanh was a student of Advanced Education Program in Crop Science (AEPCS), with his great self-determination, he had worked as an intern in several agricultural companies and even developed his own business projects. Recently, Thanh run his own company, working on fertilizer supply and agriculture consultation.

Message to future students

AEPCS has provided me with two important skills for my work: English and business communication. The curriculum was designed to offer students in-depth knowledge and skills required for future career. As a student at AEPCS, I have had gained lot of experiences through practical sessions and field trips. Pursuing future career and success has been always a challenging journey, requiring consistent effort and patience.  As a student of AEPCS, you should prepare yourself with knowledge and skills, and the key is self-learning!”



Thanh (left) at potato farm with new fertilizer application



PHAN THANH NGOC, class of 2013

(phD candidate, University of Pennsylvania, US)


Thanh Ngoc (middle) at the Pre-departure Orientation for VEF scholarship holders, 2015


As a undergraduate student at AEPCS, Ngoc run a research project on bee and bee keeping products. In 2011, her research was selected for presentation at the 6th National Conference for Young Scientists in Agricultural Science. In 2012, Ngoc was among the excellent students receiving VEF foundation scholarship to continue her research interest in the US.

 Message  to  future students:

AEPCS has provided me with chances to follow my passion in bee research. The time at AEPCS was wonderful and has allowed me to better adapt with learning environment in the US.”.






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