On 28th March 2019, , at the Library of the Faculty of Agronomy, Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA), the organic agriculture research group (OARG)) and Center for Organic Agriculture (COR) of the faculty have organized a scientific seminar on “Sharing experiences in research and develop organic agriculture and encourage agriculture expansion in Bangladesh.”

Attending the seminar were Prof. Dr. Mohammed Asaduzzaman Sarker, an expert on Organic Agriculture and Agriculture Extension Education of Bangladesh Agriculture University, Prof. Dr. Pham Tien Dung, Head of OARG, together with the OARG members as well as representatives of organic producing businesses, lecturers and students from the faculty.

At the seminar, Prof. Dr. Pham Tien Dung introduced to the attendants about the OARG, the COR, the Faculty of Agronomy and VNUA. At the same time, Prof. Dr. Pham Tien Dung presented a brief introduction about the developments, opportunities and challenges of the organic agriculture in Vietnam.

After that, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Asaduzzaman Sarker exchanged and shared information on the situation of organic agriculture research and development in Bangladesh such as: (i) Bangladesh government’s policy mechanism for organic agriculture; (ii) The roll of people’s awareness of organic agriculture; (iii) The importance of empowering women through organic agriculture; (iv) Organic farming methods for rice, vegetables and tea in Bangladesh; (v) Methods to produce raw materials such as earthworms, manures and biological pesticides in organic farming; (vi) Introduction to Bangladesh’s organic agricultural products; and (vii) Bangladesh’s opportunities and challenges in organic agriculture in the near future.

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Asaduzzaman Sarker presents at the seminar.

Participants had a productive discussion on the methods to produce organic products as well as the ability to apply Bangladesh’s experiences in researching and developing organic agriculture in Vietnam

On the same day, at Lecture Hall E302 (VNUA), Prof. Dr. Sarker offered a lecture on agriculture and agricultural extension in Bangladesh to students in Crop Science at the Faculty of Agronomy. This was a valuable opportunity for students to better understand agricultural extension activities and methods used in Bangladesh, which helps them compare and contrast to the situation in Vietnam.

  Students take part in Prof. Dr. Mohammed Asaduzzaman Sarker’s lecture
Students with Prof. Dr. Mohammed Asaduzzaman Sarker and OARG members