Student exchange programs always attract a lot of dynamic and confident students to have great experiences with international friends, together to discover new and practical knowledge beside what they have learnt in class.

Within the framework of cooperation between Kyushu University - Japan and Faculty of Agronomy - Vietnam National University of Agriculture, from February 17, 2022 to March 10, 2022, a student exchange program between the two universities was held online on Zoom platform, Padlet and Miro applications with the participation of 5 students from Faculty of Agronomy - Vietnam National University of Agriculture and 8 students from Faculty of Agriculture - Kyushu University - Japan.

During the 4 weeks of the program, students have the opportunity to study and practice knowledge and skills with common topics on agriculture and rural development, planning international cooperation projects.


At each session, through carefully prepared lectures from Japanese and Vietnamese professors, students can immediately apply theoretical knowledge to group discussions and presentations in the program on topics related to the topic such as: Project design for agriculture village, problem in your university, and hot issue related to agriculture or environment in the world. 



Through this program, students are given the chance to broaden their practical knowledge, brush up soft skills such as English speaking, teamwork and critical thinking. Moreover, students can also interact with many international friends. Despite cultural and language differences, students can still work productively and create memorable experiences together.


Specifically, the knowledge and skills equipped from this program will help students successfully complete their current study program at the university, support their future career, and strengthen their confidence and determination in their chosen field.