The student dormitory of the Vietnam National University of of Agriculture is located within the campus of the University, located on an area of about 02 hectares. The dormitory area has modern and synchronous infrastructure, including high-rise housing for students with elevators; flower gardens, green trees; a system of convenient services for students such as cafeteria, student sports area, shopping area, etc. to cater to the needs of students'.

In order to continue to support students better, in recent years, the University has invested in building and upgrading the dormitory facilities so that the dormitory  will become more and more modern.

The dormitory of VNUA is spacious and equipped with modern facilities 

VNUA always pays attention to investing in upgrading the dormitory facilities to create a comfortable, modern living environment that help boarding students feel like home. From January 2021, VNUA has installed and put into use a system of elevators and water heater to improve the facilities of the dorm.

 Image of the elevator system of Dorm C3 

Modern elevator system in dormitory area 

VNUA dormitory has many convenient services such as: Clinics, Library and Information Center, Sports Complex, Gym Area, Public Service Area and Bus Station, catering to the need for learning and transportation of students. VNUA ensures the political security, social order and safety and the hygiene of the campus, which offers a safe and healthy living environment for boarding students.

Olympia Sports Gymnasium, VNUA 

“The dormitory is the home, the students are the owners”

That is the slogan of the students VNUA who are living in the dormitory. The clean dorm with friendly landscape and convenient services such as laundry, canteen... will help students to have a green, safe and friendly living space.

Designs of the green area of the dorm after renovation 

In addition to focusing on the living and learning conditions of students, VNUA also creates a useful playground to help students develop necessary soft skills. Boarding students will have the opportunity to participate in cultural and artistic exchange activities with clubs, teams, groups of the University, activities of the Youth Union, and Student Union. In addition, the system of modern sports fields near the dormitory helps boarding students easily participate in sports activities after class to improve their health.

Boarding students can participate in sports activities at the stadium of VNUA 

Recently, in the course of preventing Covid-19 pandemic, VNUA has spared 2 dorms C4 and C5 to be the quarantine area, which is a political mission of the whole political system. The quarantine area is established and operated smoothly, satisfying all epidemiological requirements without the life and study of boarding students.

With the slogan "The dormitory is the home, the students are the owners", the dormitory is not only a place to live but also a place for students to study and practice. VNUA regularly organizes activities to support students in order to achieve the goals to help students improve their studying, culture and knowledge; At the same time, this is also a community of cultural exchange between Vietnamese and international students.