In order to provide the opportunities for Vietnamese students to interact, learn with international students, and for international students to know Vietnamese culture as well as integrate well into life and studying at the Vietnam National University of Agriculture in the most meaningful and practical way, the University Student Association in collaboration with the International Cooperation Office (ICO) and the Youth Union have solemnly organized the VNUA Integration Festival of 2019.

Attending the opening ceremony were Mr. Nguyen Manh Linh – Vice Chairman of Hanoi Student Association; Dr. Nguyen Tat Thang – Deputy Director of Political and Student Office, Chairman of the University Trade Union; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Long – ICO Deputy Director; Dr. Han Quang Hanh – Deputy Secretary of the University Student Association; and representatives of faculties and centers in the University. There were 4 participating international teams including Laos, Cambodia, Mozambique, English Homestay Prime Center and 6 inter-team competitors from 12 Associated Organ of Faculty Student Associations as well as a large number of students and international students from different countries joining the festival.

The opening ceremony of the VNUA Integration Festival 2019 

Mr. Tran Tien Dung – Vice Chairman of the University Student Association delivers the opening speech at the event 

Dr. Pham Quy Giang and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Long hand the souvenir flag to participating teams 

After the opening ceremony, competitions with fun and unique traditional folk games such as three-legs, three angle tug of war, relay race, jump rope took place in the joy of all participants. Inspired by the enthusiastic supporting of fans and with their spirit of winning, all the competitors went all in and played hard to their hearts content.

Joyful competitions 
 the International Cuisine Competition.

A colorful journey of the VNUA Integration Festival 2019 ended successfully leaving in the hearts of the participants with good impressions. Speaking at the closing ceremony of the festival, Dr. Pham Quynh Giang – Chairman of the University Student Association stated that the VNUA Integration Festival 2019 is the first international exchange event organized by the University Student Association, intending to create an opportunity for VNUA students to expose to different cultures, a solid foundation for them to improve their communication skills as well as learn more about other cultures to be confident in the global working environment. This is also a playground for students to meet the criterion of good integration, one of five merits of a good student in a current movement of the university named student of 5 merits. This helps promoting the movement throughout the University. The University Student Association hopes that in the future, more exchange events would be organized, contributing to building Vietnamese students "bravery - creativity - volunteering - integration - developing” and affirming the role of young intellectuals in the era of international integration.

 Some pictures of the VNUA Integration Festival 2019

Mozambican team at the rope jumping game 
 Tug of war
Three-legs game 
 Relay race
 International culinary competition
Members of Executive Committee of the University Student Association - Festival Organizing Committee 
The Cambodian team won the first prize in both sports and culinary competitions 
Dr. Pham Quy Giang - Chairman of the University Student Association awards prizes to the participating teams 
Water transmission competition