Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) is located in Gia Lam, Hanoi in a big campus  with modern facilities and equipment for research and training purposes. Additionally, over 80% of VNUA’s high quality and enthusiastic lecturers obtained their MSc and PhD degrees from prestigious universities in the world. More than 90% of VNUA’s students get a job within 12 months after graduation.

A lecturer is delivering her lesson in a class 

Every year, the University spends 30 billion VND offering the scholarships for disadvantaged students and students with high academic achievement. In addition, students can earn money to cover their living expenses and gain experiences from the part-time jobs at VNUA’s research or training centers and institutes, companies, and shopping malls, etc.

Vietnam National University of Agriculture award the scholarships to the disadvantaged students and students with high academic achievement.

The high quality human resources together with remarkable achievements and reputation of VNUA have opened up many cooperation opportunities i.e. scholarships and international student exchange programs between the University and a number of prestigious universities in the world. This helps enhance the students’ communication skills, foreign language skills and, at the same time, promote the cultural values and the University’s image to the world.

Ms. Tong Thi Hang, a student of the Faculty of Agronomy receives the certificate for participating in the international student exchange program in Thailand (2018)

Being VNUA’s students also brings the opportunities to participate in agricultural startup activities, national entrepreneurship activities, as well as other exciting activities held by mass organizations with impressive cultural and sports events.

VNUA’s students receive the First Prize in the 2017 National Entrepreneurship Competition 

As one of the universities that has received the Certificate of Educational Quality Accreditation by the Center for Education Accreditation – Hanoi National University (VNU), VNUA is committed to ensuring the education quality to meet the needs of the society.